Looking for a fellow musician

I am looking for a fellow musician to play piano four hand duets with or an instrumentalist/vocalist to accompany.  I have a degree in music education, but have not used it in years and I miss being in an ensemble.  I would like to get together  about once a month or so and make music!  Please let me know if you are interested!!

Laura Rexroad

2211 Manor

(865) 337-7707

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  1. Richard Hughes

    Hi Laura,
    I did more than a few gigs around town, including a festival at The Bijou, as the guitar/dobro/mandolin for “Calvert Station”. Give a listen to our songs on SoundCloud and see if you like. My day job keeps me pretty busy, though I would like to keep playing when I have the opportunity-
    All the best –
    – Rich Hughes
    3515 Circle Lake Ln
    (865) 696-0448

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