“Name That Road” Winners

At the last LHHA meeting we posted all the suggestions that were received for names for the new service road(s) at Alcoa Hwy.  Attendees at the meeting voted on the suggestions and these were the top three winners –

  1. Lakemoor View
  2. Quiet Side Dr. or Ln.
  3. Lakeside Way

I have submitted these 3 names to the city for review. I think business owners along the roads will have their input and then it will be submitted to MPC for review and comment. I will inform you of any feedback that I receive.

Thanks for being part of the process!

Kathy Proctor, LHHA President

One Reply to ““Name That Road” Winners”

  1. Charles Craven

    Whichever “suffix” is selected, I recommend including “Lakemoor” as part of the name. It is well known, making it more recognizable to locate–especially helpful to business owners.
    Charles Craven
    3605 Montlake Drive

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