Naming of New Roads at Aloca Hwy

I have previously mentioned to many of you that we have an opportunity to be involved in the naming of the new southbound exit road/ access road that is currently under construction to the west of Alcoa Hwy.  There is also a road to the east of Alcoa.  There are a few parameters [ we cannot use a name that is used elsewhere in Knox County & the name must meet MPC guidelines].  I had submitted to them Lake Hills Blvd. but that name is in use elsewhere.  I have received a few recommendations, but I would like to hear from as many of you as possible.  Here are a few to get your brains thinking creatively.  Please email me or post some ideas here or on our facebook page.  If they allow us enough time to discuss, this will be a topic at our next LHHA meeting in Sept.  If we have to respond earlier, I’ll let you know.

thanks, Kathy Proctor

South River Road

Quiet Side Way

Left Bank Lane

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  1. Kathy Proctor Post author

    Here are some of the creative names that some of you have come up with. Do you have any more? Send them in! I think we can select a favorite at our Sept. meeting.
    Lakeside Way
    South River Road
    Quiet Side Way
    Left Bank Lane
    named for early resident – who?
    *John Coleman
    * Helen Akard
    *Jack Neely
    * McCarrell
    *Big Jim Haslam
    Lakemoor Point
    Lakemoor View
    Water’s Edge Way
    Waterside Way
    Cliffside Way
    Kudzu Valley Way

  2. Charles Craven

    I think a name that suggests, as you say, “where we are” is probably the better option. So many admirable people have lived in our area that it would be difficult to choose just one notable person’s name.

    Since the new road won’t offer a noteworthy “view,” or be a strip of land projecting into a lake, “view” or “point” are probably not suitable.
    Since “Lake Hills Blvd” is taken, what about “Lakemoor Hills Blvd,” or “Lakemoor Hills Way,” or “Lakemoor Hills Byway.”
    If the finished road is raised above low ground, it could be a “Causeway.”
    Or–to make the name shorter–if you substitute any of these words for “Blvd” (i.e., Way, Byway, Byroad, Causeway, Pass), your original suggestion of “Lake Hills” may be available.
    Charles Craven
    3605 Montlake Drive

  3. Bill Stoess

    If we want to name after a person… 4 suggestions. 1. “John Coleman” and his sister Helen Akard… long time residents of Lakemoor and a family that lived generations in South Knoxville. In 1947 he founded John H. Coleman Heating and Air. His father Ollie A.Coleman supplied the brick for most of Knoxville. Knoxville Brick and later O.A Coleman Brick Company provided brick for the buildings at UT, Knoxville High, Farragut Hotel and many more. His father Henry T. worked in the marble yards and was a truck farmer and lived on Young High Pike. His father William lived in Knoxville and enlisted in the 6th reg. of the Tennessee Volunteers fighting for the Union in Kentucky. His father also John Coleman moved to Knoxvile prior to 1847 from Virginia.
    2. “Jack Neely” he’s Knoxville’s living historian and has ties to Lakemoor.
    3. “Big Jim Haslam” without his son Bill’s support we would not have the improvements to Alcoa. The Haslam family is incredibly generous to Knoxville and UT. One of his first Pilot gas stations was on our stretch of Alcoa.
    4. “General James M. (Mike) Holmes” He grew up in this area and his parents Cylde and Connie have lived on Maloney for years. Mike is a 4-Star General – Commander, Air Combat Command. I think there are only six 4-stars in the entire Air Force.

  4. Andrea Wirth

    I believe that Margaret McCarell has lived here the longest time of anyone in the neighborhood. She and her sister Mary Fay grew up here and still live on McCarrell Lane. almost everyone who lives on the street are also kin to them. Margaret knows a lot about the history of this neighborhood and would be a wonderful source of information if a historical name is picked. If I remember right, this neighborhood was a Revolutionary War grant payment to one of the McCarrell ancestors. So, perhaps Revolutionary Road would be a good name. Kidding!

  5. Ted Smith

    How about…
    – Ail Cilyuh Access (just kidding)

    The following may be “boring” but they say something about where we are.
    – Lakemoor Point Road or Drive
    – Lakemoor View Road or Drive


  6. Laura Ward

    I don’t know the answer, but perhaps we name the road(s) for early residents in the area or for long time current residents who are on that road (or an extension of that road).

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