Neighborhood Cleanup Day a Success!

2015 Clean Up Day Volunteers

Partial Group of 2015 Clean Up Day Volunteers

Park Bench received daffodils

Park Bench Was Adorned with Daffodil Bulbs

29 bags of trash waiting for pickup.

29 Bags of Trash Waiting for Pickup.

Thank all of you who came out to help on our Annual Neighborhood Cleanup Day.  There were a number of new faces that joined us this year.  We couldn’t get everyone to hold still at the same time for the photo, so here’s a representative group that were documented.

Here are some of the outcomes:

  • 29 volunteers on Saturday and more before and after March 28
  • 85 hours of volunteer time
  • 600 lbs of trash collected
  • 8 miles of roads cleaned
  • 1/4 mile of shoreline cleaned & the embayment at Maloney Rd. park
  • daffodils planted at the park
  • weeds pulled, leaves raked at Bluff Point and Circle Lake greenspaces

Most unusual items found along the road:  4″ light fixture, ladies black lace panties, a wallet from a Seymour resident.

Big THANK YOU to Keep Knoxville Beautiful for providing the garbage bags, gloves and tee shirts.  And THANK YOU to Ijams Park for arranging the garbage bag pickup from Maloney Rd. Park.  But mostly – THANK YOU to the residents of Lakemoor Hills who take pride in their neighborhood and helped to make it beautiful!

With great gratitude from the Beautification Committee!!!

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