Neighborhood Cleanup Day – March 28

We will hold the annual NEIGHBORHOOD CLEANUP DAY on March 28 from 9 – 12 AM.  Volunteers will meet at the Lake Hills Church parking lot to receive their assignments and tools at 9 AM.  The pink and green mailbox bows will also be available for purchase ($3) to adorn your street during Dogwood Art Festival.  Pizza will be served at 11:30 in the church pavilion.  If you have questions, call Kathy Proctor at 599-7783 or  Thank you for helping make Lakemoor Hills beautiful!

2 Replies to “Neighborhood Cleanup Day – March 28”

  1. Paul Howard

    This will be the first year since we moved here I won’t be able to participate :(. We will be out of town that day. I would like to get 2 of the ribbons for my mailbox though.I will be available next week if some are already made that I could pick up.

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