October 10 Planning Meeting to Address Name Change of Ginn Rd.

PLANNING (previously called MPC) has published their draft agenda for their October 10, 2019 meeting.  Item #7  under STREET NAME CHANGES is a proposal to change the name of  Ginn Rd. (from Alcoa Hwy to the intersection with Maloney Rd). to  Quiet Side Drive.  There has been a sign posted near the intersection of Alcoa and Ginn that announces this proposed change.  Those of you that think this might not be such a good idea may want to attend the meeting that afternoon at the City County Building Main Assembly Room at 1:30 PM.

Planning staff had decided that this name change was necessary since with the Alcoa Hwy construction, Ginn Rd. no longer aligned and renaming the roads would reduce confusion.

We are blessed to have Dick Graf sitting on that board so you may want to share your thoughts about this with Dick before the meeting.  He has pointed out to the board that the Ginn farm was located on this side of Alcoa Hwy so history supports the road remaining the same name.

To view the entire agenda you may follow this link.   Planning

4 Replies to “October 10 Planning Meeting to Address Name Change of Ginn Rd.”

  1. Eric Zeanah

    I just got off the phone with my friend, and neighbor, Margaret McCarrell to discuss the renaming if Ginn Rd. She was not aware and quite disappointed with the thought. For better clarity, the Ginn’s property did cross Alcoa Hwy and backed up to the McCarrell’s property. Even “Ginn Cemetery” is located on our side of Alcoa Highway next to Vulcan Materials. Many of the Ginns, McCarrells and Maxeys are buried in this cemetery. There is tremendous history tied to the Ginn family on our side of Alcoa Hwy that should not be overlooked in this decision. Society today seems to want to erase history in order to justify change. Next Thursday, Margaret and I will attend the meeting and hope more will join to oppose this change. Margaret can speak to over 200 years of history in our neighborhood. Let us not proceed with a change for no real logical benefit.

  2. Ted Smith

    I’ve lived in a few towns and cities where a road will end and then pick up several blocks or miles further on with the SAME NAME.

    If this is of such concern to the City/County powers, change them to E. Ginn Rd and W. Ginn Rd.

    • John Jenkins

      As a 3rd generation resident (60+ years) I would like to see Ginn Rd. keep the name the same or very similar. I understand that change is going to happen in any neighborhood area, but I see no reason to start renaming streets.
      John Jenkins

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