Prints of Blows Ferry Painting by Lloyd Branson Available

After our Sip & Snoop, there was a lot of discussion spurred by a photograph in the Farr’s home depicting the river crossing near Blows Ferry.  One of our neighbors, Sally Branson, saw the conversation online and contacted me.  One of her family’s relatives, Lloyd Branson, was a well-known and respected Knoxville artist. Mr. Branson created a watercolor painting of the Blows Ferry area, which is now the property of the East TN Historical Society.  Sally asked me if she could help our homeowner’s association by offering prints of this wonderful watercolor as a fundraiser for LHHA projects.  We said, “Yes and Thank You!”.

The image that you see with this post is a copy of the painting.  You may order a  10 ” x 22″ copy of the print for $50.  All proceeds will go to the LHHA project fund and will be used to beautify the neighborhood.

If you would like a copy of this high quality print, please contact the LHHA board via Tim McLaughlin.  He will place your order and you can receive your copy in about 10 days to 2 weeks.

Call 865-599-7251 or email your order to Tim McLaughlin at, who is managing the project for the board.  You can pay for when the prints arrive with cash or check (payable to LHHA).

To learn more about this prolific painter and the effect his work had on East Tennessee and other artists, visit  

A book of his work is available at


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