Seeking some local talent – YOU!

Hello neighbors,

The board met on Tuesday night and we have a number of needs and I am sure that we have talented residents that may fit our needs.

  1.  Has anyone ever built a Wikipedia page?  We would like to create one about our neighborhood.
  2. Looking for someone that is familiar with Quicken that would like to take on some financial management for the LHHA.
  3. Looking for a few folk that love working off ladders to help put lights on the neighborhood Christmas tree on Dec. 1.

Also – I did have a response to our inquiry for a notary in the neighborhood.  Susannah Perry on Manor Dr. is happy to assist anyone with this need.

If you are interested in helping resolve any of these three needs, please email me at or call 599-7783.

thank you,

Kathy Proctor

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