Thanks to the city of Knoxville

Please join me in thanking the city on their quick action cleaning up our entrance. There were deer parts, a stove, bags of trash and scattered trash. One e-mail and it was handled the same day. The people behind the work were David Brace,, Chad Weth,, and Sheryl Ely, And of course, it wouldn’t hurt to pass along your thanks to Mayor Rogero,

Separate issue: Rene Montalvo, 200-0938, and Angel Garcia, (201)423-3699, did a great job cleaning our entrance garden and putting it to bed for the winter. If you need help indoors, outdoors, hauling away trash, whatever, give them a call.
Mary Cartwright

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  1. Ann Burns

    I can tell you how long it would take Knox County to pick up dead animals in the road. The same day I called. Unfortunately I have had to call Knox County three or four times about dead animals and one of them was a full deer which was horrible. I don’t know how long it would take them if the animal wasn’t in the road, but I would expect them to respond the same way.

    I think thank you emails are appropriate and will be sending them.

    Ann Burns
    3820 Maloney Rd

  2. Charles Craven

    Very good suggestion — an expression of gratitude goes a long way, since officials don’t receive them very often.
    I just sent emails of thanks to Mr. Brace, Mr. Weth, and Ms. Ely.

    I encourage my fellow neighbors to do the same.
    Charles Craven
    3605 Montlake Drive

  3. Mark Hill

    Great idea to thank these people. You know, our low County taxes are nice, but there is something to be said for a taxation level that can provide adequate services. Imagine how long it might have taken Knox County to clean that up.

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