We found a beautiful male BASSET HOUND at 11:00 this morning wandering down Maloney Road between Raines and McCarrell Rd, right in front of the new home construction site. We knocked on a couple of doors nearby but no one was home. No collar, so we brought him home with us. Please call the Ryans 577-8224 or 607-0001.

Thanks, Wendy Ryan

2 Lost Dogs (Again) ;(((

Hi all. Wendy Ryan again. Our 2 dogs have managed to get out of our fence again. If you see them please let us know. Sally is a big white Great Pyrenees and Oliver is a little reddish colored Lab mix.

Thanks Again!

Wendy  607-0001 cell

Dinny 368-4143 cell

2 Lost Dogs. Great Pyrenees & Hound Mix

Hello Everyone,

This is Wendy Ryan, 3808 Maloney Rd. Our 2 dogs ran off this evening and we are desperately trying to locate them. One is a Great Pyrenees (big white fluffy dog) named Sally. She’s wearing a pink collar with our phone# written on it. Our other dog is a reddish brown hound/lab mix named Oliver. He has on an unmarked blue collar. Both are super gentle. If you see them Please let us know.

Home 577-8224        Cell (Wendy) 607-0001        Cell (Dinny) 368-4143