Bark for Your Park

PetSafe, a Knoxville based firm, is offering grants to build, maintain, or upgrade dog parks throughout the US.  Knoxville is the first city in the US to get a PetSafe dog park in downtown Knoxville.  Does anyone have interest in pursuing a possible grant to develop a portion of Maloney Road Park into a dog park?  It may not be a possible option with Knox County Parks, but if it is, then would anyone have interest?  This is the website for the grant information.  We would go for the $25,000 grant.  It may be able to be done through the Lakemoor Hills Resource Council, our neighborhood 501 (c) (3) .

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  1. Kathy Proctor Post author

    I will call Knox County Parks tomorrow and see if they would oppose our idea. That is the first step. If they don’t then we can get advice from them and develop a plan to go forward. Can you read the PetSafe rules and see what we have to submit?

    Kathy Proctor 599-7783

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