Dogwoods Trails Opening March 31

LAWN DEBRIS PICKUP  Neighbors, Spring is just around the corner (actually it is already here in some of your yards!).  Each year the City of Knoxville in order to support the Dogwood Arts Festival will pick up limbs and yard debris from the homes that border a Dogwood Trail.  Many of the streets in our neighborhood are on the Lakemoor Hills Trail.  You know this because there is a fading pink dashed line painted on the street.  So if your house is located on the Dogwood Trail you can take advantage of this once a year pickup.

Please drag your limbs and yard debris adjacent to the asphalt on your property.  They do not pick up debris from empty lots.  We have not received a schedule yet for the pickup, but you should begin moving those limbs now.  We expect that they will pick up sometime during the week of March 25 as the trails open Easter weekend.

BOWS The lovely pink and green mailbox  bows will be available later this month at the Lakemoor Hills Garden Club meeting (March 15) LHHA homeowners meeting (March 20), and  at the Neighborhood Cleanup Day (March 24).  The bows will be $5.  All proceeds will go towards enhancing the public areas in our neighborhood.  You can decorate your mailbox whether you are on the Dogwood Trail or not, as we have many visitors to our lovely neighborhood during the month that the trails are open.

Thank you for helping make our neighborhood a place of beauty!

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