Kudzu & non-native invasive plants eradication

Like most of the Southeast of the country our beautiful peninsula is being invaded by Kudzu and other non-native invasive plants.  It is time to take action.  We need to understand eradication techniques (primarily Kudzu) and work as a community to accomplish this.  There will be a presentation by Mr. Neal Benton, Invasive Plants expert UT AG Extension, at the Church Parlor Tuesday September 29th at 6:30pm (enter through the middle door of the church).  There will be a sign at the door guiding you.

Mr. Benton will present for 20 minutes then take questions.

If you would like to join the Kudzu Task Force or you have any questions please call me, Randy Kerns (937)694-5627

Thank you for your support

Randy Kerns

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