Trees – Hemlock and Ash Health

This month is all about the Dogwoods…However that doesn’t mean we should ignore all the other wonderful trees in Lakemoor Hills. Specifically I am writing about serious issues with two species – first HEMLOCKS – I have seen signs of the Wooly Adelgid in a couple of hemlocks in our neighborhood (I am notifying the homeowner.) Side note-we hiked the Smokies last weekend and saw many Hemlocks being attacked (very sad). Secondly the Emerald Ash Bore is in Tenn. It is hard to identify. If you have either of these species of trees I would suggest getting an expert to examine/treat your trees.  If infested you will loose these trees without treatment.  Our garden club had an expert speak to us that can treat them (I use him) however I don’t want to use this site to advertise companies.  I am sure there are many experts in Knoxville you can contact.  If you would like the contact info for the one I use please e-mail me at

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