Update on the Dogwood Trail Debris Pickup

There has been a lot of questions and concern about the debris pickup.  We now have more details on the process as follows:

  1. Pickups will only occur on the designated Dogwood Trail roads. That means if you live on a road without a Pink Line there will not be a pickup.  Please do not place and leave debris on non-designated Dogwood Trail roadsides or vacant lots.
  2.  The pickups will occur between April 1st and April 15th. There will “probably” be 2 pickups.  Sorry they do not completely commit to that.
  3.  Debris needed to be on the roadside before April 1st.
  4.  Both sides of the street will not necessarily be picked up at the same time.
  5.  The Dogwood Trail doesn’t officially open until April 15th. Please be patient they will get to your debris
  6.  Please bear-in-mind that this is a free service from the county.

Next year we will compile all the details concerning this process and post it in advance.

Thank you

Randy Kerns


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